Security Maintenance

“An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked every day.”

You don’t want your website to be among them. I offer ongoing security maintenance to help keep the website secure and running well even as new software vulnerabilities are discovered.

Technical Assistance

I offer email and phone support. I can help out when you are having problems getting things to work on your website—either showing you how to do it yourself or doing it for you.

Wordfence Security

With a Web Application Firewall that stops you from getting hacked by identifying malicious traffic, Wordfence blocks attackers before they can access your website. It scans for malware, bad URLs, backdoors and DNS changes. Wordfence will protect you from being hacked by blocking attacks based on known and constantly updated attack patterns.


My maintenance includes daily, weekly, and monthly backups which are uploaded to a Dropbox account. These can be restored at any time. If an update breaks your website it only takes a couple minutes to get the last backup restored and the website working again.

Website Updates

One hour of content updates per month is included in the plan. If you need more work than this, extra hours can be added at a decreased hourly rate.

Google Search Console

I will monitor the website with Google Search Console to check for any indexing errors. This also includes dealing with any suspicious content reports and other reputation for issues that could impact SEO.

Hosting and Registration

All websites are hosted on a web server. I use a hosting provider with servers in Sydney and can arrange hosting for you. I can also manage and renew domain names.


Do you offer 24/7 support?
I only offer support during business hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday).
Do you offer maintenance for sites that are not built with WordPress?
The services described on this page are for WordPress websites. I do offer security maintenance/updates for websites built with other platforms though. Send me an email through my contact form and I will give you a quote.
Do I have to sign up for a certain amount of time?
No. Normally it is 12 months (paid monthly). If you don’t want to commit to at least a year there is a $100 setup fee—a lot of the maintenance time is actually in the initial setup.
I have a heap of updates needing doing. Are they included?
Sometimes there is a lot of work needed just to get the website up to date. I will have a look over your site and give you an estimate for initial updates (it helps if I have admin access for this).
My site has been hacked, can you fix it?
If you are in need of someone to help repair your site and get it going, I can work with you and with the security analysts at WordFence to get it up and running again. I give priority to site cleanings because it is important that your site is fixed as quickly as possible so as to avoid reputation damage. Send me an email through my contact form and I have a look at what is needed for your website.
How do I pay?
Payments are by direct deposit. You can just set up an automatic monthly transfer and you won’t have to worry about it again!
Do you do SEO?
I don’t do marketing or ads. But I can setup Google Search Console and Google My Business.

Really the best thing to do is have quality content on your website and just wait a while. It always takes a couple of weeks/months to show up reliably.

Example Google My Business listing:

Can I stay with my current hosting?
Yes, but it is possible that it will effect some of the services included in the Security Maintenance. Not all hosts offer SSL Certificates and not all have Installatron backups.

In the case of the backups, I will still perform some backups but they will not necessarily be as regular or reliable.

What is your hourly rate?
Most of my projects are fixed rate but sometimes I do projects or updates calculated at an hourly rate of $30.

This is reduced when added with security maintenance.