Terms and Conditons


Fees are based on Alice May Web Design performing the services described in the quote (you don’t get to make me do whatever you want, just what we agreed to).

Additional conditions are as follows:

If this quotation has been calculated without sighting the job required and all information required to calculate the quote has not been supplied we reserve the right to modify it. Again, if there was something important I did not know beforethat might been a lot more work—I still want to be paid.

New clients will be charged a nominated portion of their estimate before work commences. Payment of the deposit implies agreement with the terms of the proposal. Work will not begin until this is paid.


Payments are to be made by electronic transfer (who even uses cheques anymore?).

All quoted prices are exclusive of GST (and no GST will be added).

Terms of payment are 14 days net from date of invoice unless otherwise specified.

Additional Work

Alice May Web Design reserves the right to charge additional fees and expenses for all tasks requested and performed which fall outside the limitations specified in this proposal. (I know I said pretty much the same thing already but this is just in case you missed that bit… and now you are back from checking the beginning of these terms you may continue reading on.)

All client changes to finished website will be charged separately and in addition to this quotation. If this quotation has been calculated without sighting the job required we reserve the right to modify it. (Ikr, déjà vu! But this is for other quotes I might give you.)

Alice May Web Design takes precautions to ensure project costs fall within quoted estimates, and will endeavour to keep the client informed about any extra fees which may be included in the final invoice.

Web Design

Unless otherwise specified web hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificates, social media posting, SEO, Google Analytics, advertising for websites, and ecommerce are not included in the price indicated for website design and build, but are available as additional extras.

If design is provided Alice May Web Design will develop the website as far as possible to match the design. I am afraid I can’t guarantee it will be perfect.

Web Hosting

If included the website hosting is arranged by Alice May Web Design with a third party provider. This is set up at the commencement of the development of your website.

Website Content

It is assumed that all text and photography will be supplied by the client unless otherwise specified.

If a job requires images, Alice May Web Design can source these from a professional photographer or from an online image library. A fee for these images will be negotiated between the client and Alice May Web Design once appropriate images have been selected for the job. An image searching fee of $20/hour may apply for projects requiring image searching time beyond the regular scope of the project.


Alice May Web Design does not guarantee the security of your website, although Security Maintenance minimises the risk. I will do my best to keep your website safe, but new vulnerabilities are being discovered all the time and I can’t guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen.

Security Maintenance does not cover website cleaning if hacked. This can be arranged through a third party provider if the need arises.


Client must provide any login details required to fulfil the tasks outlined in the proposal. This can include—but is not limited to—WordPress, cPanel, and Hosting account details.

Another one that comes up regularly is Google or social media accounts (to connect Analytics or display an Instagram or Facebook feed). You can change those passwords once I am done though :) I don’t want you to leave me with your current social media login details!

Necessary password details will be kept by Alice May Web Design until termination of agreement. If contact is continuing I may retain some passwords (and potentially leave an active Administrator account on your WordPress installation). Alice May Web Design will treat them with all confidentiality and will seek to keep them securely.


Email and phone support are provided by Alice May Web Design inside business hours.

Support can include fixing errors caused by updates on the website and minor content updates at the discretion of Alice May Web Design.

Additional charges may apply for work requested.

Validity of Quote

Prices quoted are valid for 30 days from date of quote.

Prices are subject to change.