Photography Website

“I thought my website looked fine as it was, but Alice improved its look as well as the security of my website. I had a few suggestions through the process and whenever I did she whipped up something to make my suggestions come true. I am completely satisfied with her services. Alice was good to work with, and very fast. My website is still easy for me to update and do blog posts on now that I have learned to use Divi, the formatting of blog posts is much easier than before too. I am confident about leaving the maintenance and updates in Alice’s hands. I highly recommend Alice May Web Design.”

Photographer, Clear Light Photography

For Clear Light Photography, I re-did their website with a new theme for security reasons because their old theme was no longer supported. We kept the same look as the original site, with better security and regular updates.

I also provided basic training in using the Divi Visual Builder so that she could add her own posts to the blog. If she runs into any trouble with the website all she has to do is ask and I will do my best to solve the issue.